Sunday, May 15, 2016

City of Little Rock 311 App and Services

Residents using the City of Little Rock’s free 311 app now have more options at their fingertips, with the ability to contact the City about bulky item pickup, illegal dumping, graffiti on structures, and mosquito spraying in addition to the other request categories already in the system.

Based on feedback from City departments and citizens, a list of 19 new categories was created. Those were recently added to the app, which is available for download in the Apple App and Google Play Stores.

“We significantly updated the 311 system last year and introduced the app in January, giving our citizens the tools to quickly connect to City services they need most,” City Manager Bruce T. Moore said. “It’s part of our ongoing efforts to use technology to the greatest benefit of the community.”

Another update to the 311 app is the inclusion of an address field, where residents can enter a specific location, or continue to use the GPS-enabled map to select their current location.

Some of the request categories also include sub-categories. Graffiti, for instance, allows a person to select from seven different general locations, including street surface, traffic sign, private structure, or control box.

“What makes this type of technology so useful is that we can continue to add to the app,” Information Technology Director Randy Foshee said, adding that updates are scheduled on a quarterly basis if needed.

In many instances, a request might not be a City-provided service, but the 311 system handles those entries by routing them to the appropriate department or utility.

The app will automatically update with the new categories. All of the categories are:
  • Garbage Services
  • Bulky Item Pickup
  • Missed Garbage
  • Missed Recycle
  • Appliance Pick-up
  • Garbage Cart Issues
  • Carts being left out
  • Missed Yard Waste
  • Housing Violations
  • Graffiti-Located on structures and fences
  • Housing/Rental Violations
  • Illegal Dumping
  • High Grass & Weeds
  • Abandoned Vehicle
  • Parking in the Yard
  • Trash Rubbish 
  • Debris on Premises
  • Streets Maintenance & Signs
  • Hazard/Object in Street or Alley
  • Street name sign-Repair and Replace
  • Traffic Sign Repair and Replacement
  • Catch Basin/Drain Box Cleaning
  • Street Light Out
  • Ditch Maintenance
  • Pothole Repair
  • Snow & Ice Removal
  • Insects and Animals
  • Mosquito Spraying
  • Deceased Animal Pick-up at Street/Curb
  • Parks Maintenance
  • Trash in a Park
  • Tree/Limbs Down - Parks
Anyone using the mobile app to submit a request will able to track the status of that particular request. A request is automatically routed to the appropriate department, and a once a request has been fulfilled, a citizen will be able to get a notification that the request has been closed. Signing up as a reporter allows a person to quickly track requests.

Learn more about 311 at

Friday, April 3, 2015

Loud motorcycle 16 Rosemont Drive

Here's the bike that wakes you up. The owner lives at 16 Rosemont. Please remember to keep calling the police until they stop him.

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Tonight's meeting is cancelled

Weather's too bad. We're cancelling the March monthly board meeting.

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

"Rules to Live By" from Lt. Scott Timmons, LRPD

From Lt. Scott Timmons, LRPD:

It's been a while since I sent out one of these, so I'd thought I'd bring you up to date. This is intended for residents of the Northwest Division of the Little Rock Police Department.

We graduated a class of eighteen (18) police recruits last Friday. These folks are now on the street and beginning to learn the practical applications of the job. These people will be in a Field Training Program for a minimum of twelve weeks before being released to work alone. We anticipate that they will help to fill some of the openings the Police Department has.  I believe that another class is planned to begin in the summer.

Northwest Detectives recovered five stolen ATV's along with several trailers and some hunting equipment on Friday. The items had been stolen within the last month in the Northwest Division. In some cases, these trailers and ATV's had coupler locks and or chains or cables securing them. The thieves were able to defeat these security measures and make off with the items. The total value of recovered property was in excess of $50,000. All of the seized property has been returned to its owners.

Some things to be learned from this: these items were in the carport or yards of the victims and were visible from the street. The bad guys drove up late at night, cut the items free, hooked them up to tow vehicles and drove away. In some cases the thefts only took a minute or two before they were clear of the residence. In other cases, the thieves started the ATV or UTV (side by side) with a sharp object stuck in the ignition and then drove away.

               My suggestions are:
1.  Keep trailers, ATV's, boats, campers, tractors, etc., out of sight as best you can. Don't leave it in the driveway overnight because you are going to clean it tomorrow. If possible, block the item in as well as chaining it with the heaviest chain and padlock you can find.

2.  Keep the registration and serial numbers for these items separate from the item itself. That way, if it's stolen you can give us a make, model and serial number giving us a chance to get it back for you. Also, take pictures of your items and keep them. One of the UTV's we recovered had all of it's serial numbers removed along with other identifying stickers. We were able to identify it though after-market modifications the victim had done to it, plus some personal touches.

3. Take any loose items inside for storage to reduce the potential for loss.

4. Some of the ATV's were strapped down on trailers. In some cases they hooked up and took the whole package, trailers and ATV's. In other cases they cut the tie down straps and pushed or drove the ATV's off the trailer. Secure accordingly.

On a separate note, cold weather will be back later this week according to the TV weatherman. Please don't let your car warm up in the driveway unattended on those frosty mornings! Every cold snap we have four to six cars stolen as they are warming up. We recovered two stolen in this manner last week. They had been used in other crimes and were in pretty poor condition. If you must warm up your car without you in it, at least watch it from your front door so you can describe the person that drove away in it!!

Lt. Scott Timmons
Special Assignments
Northwest Division
Little Rock Police
ph 501-918-3506

Fwd: Annual Meeting - Broadmoor Board

The Annual meeting of the Broadmoor Property Owners Association is on Sunday, March 8 at 2 p.m. at St. Luke United Methodist Church, 6401 W. 32nd St. 


Come and hear a review of 2014 accomplishments and contribute your ideas for  projects in the coming year.

Fwd: March Broadmoor Board meeting

The Broadmoor Neighborhood Board will meet on Thursday, March 5 at 7:00pm in the clubhouse at 19 ½ Belmont.

All people living in or interested in Broadmoor are are welcome to attend!

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Fwd: Assistance for home improvement








Homeowners may be eligible for assistance to make improvements to their homes through a partnership between the City of Little Rock's Department of Housing and Neighborhood Programs, CDBG & Housing Division and World Changers, Inc.


World Changers, Inc., is a faith-based nonprofit organization that will provide volunteers to work on homes during the summer of 2015.  The work may include  minor exterior repairs, and exterior painting.  To apply for assistance homeowners must meet the following criteria:


      • Must be at least 62 years of age or disabled
      • Must own and occupy the home
      • Must meet the income guidelines for the program
      • Please provide proof of income and ownership of the home.


The City of Little Rock will be accepting applications until May 1, 2015 at the following location:


                                    City of Little Rock (City Hall)

                                    Department of Housing and Neighborhood Programs

                                    500 West Markham, Room 120 West

                                    Little Rock, AR  72201

                                    Monday – Friday

                                    8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.

                                    For more information:  Call 501-371-6825


Applications will be considered on a first-come, first-serve basis.  Final selection of the homes to be repaired will be made by World Changers staff.