Monday, June 22, 2009

Directions to Broadmoor Pool

Coming to a swim meet in Broadmoor? Here's how to find the pool.

On South University Avenue, turn west onto Lakeshore Drive. When you reach a "T" intersection with Berkshire Drive, find a safe parking place. The pool is reached by a walking path on the north property line of 2 Berkshire Drive.

Please park safely without blocking drives.

For a map, just Google "2 Berkshire Drive, Little Rock, 72204."

Friday, June 19, 2009

New logwork in clubhouse

David Peterson has spliced new logs in the clubhouse wall over the fireplace. The old logs were damaged by termites. He did amazing work.

After the logs dry, David will go back in and chink them, then we will paint them to match the original logs.

Berkshire Drive cookout June 28

Broadmoor board member and neighborhood watch coordinator Steve Sullivan will host a cookout June 28.

The purpose is to get Berkshire Drive residents out to meet and get to know each other.

Steve lives at 19 Berkshire, and the cookout starts at 1:30.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Broadmoor Lake restocked with largemouth bass and bluegill bream

On June 16, the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission put 1,125 2" Largemouth Bass and 1,600 3"- Bluegill Bream in Broadmoor Lake.

Past President Jack Perciful met the truck about 1:30 and let them in to dump the fish.

Jack asked them about how long it would take these fish to be of a catchable size, and they said it depends on how much food they have.

The lake has catchable fish from previous stockings. Just take care to throw back any grass carp. They are in the lake to reduce the weeds.

Remember, fishing licenses are required, and you must be a Broadmoor resident or accompanied by a Broadmoor resident to use the park and lake.

Thanks, Jack!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Playground equipment installed

The fenced, "little kids" playground area is almost complete. The equipment has been assembled and installed.

The equipment is for kids 4-10 years old who are supervised by adults.

Yard of the Week - 25 Belmont Drive

Congratulations to the residents of 25 Belmont Drive. They've made some beautiful improvements to the front yard, including a nice flower bed around a tree and a great arrangement of stones, pavers, and glazed flower pots around the porch.

Thank you for enhancing the look of Broadmoor!

Informal meeting this Thursday

We are going to have an informal meeting at the clubhouse this Thursday at 7 p.m. We won't be voting on anything at the meeting, just discussing a few issues.

This will give us a chance to brainstorm outside a regular business meeting, when we don't have time to. We'll try to keep it shorter than 2 hours. If you can't make the whole meeting, please feel free to drop by and participate when you can make it. Here's the agenda:

I. Discuss our approach to crime issues
A. Increasing participation in neighborhood watch efforts
B. Improving communication between neighbors
C. Formulating a plan to get and distribute up-to-date information from the police

II. Discuss improving condition of rent houses and encouraging people to buy and live in Broadmoor
A. Improving communication with landlords
1. Encouraging background checks
2. Improving maintenance of yards and houses
B. Connecting with real estate agents
C. Developing a method of systematic code enforcement reporting

The clubhouse is reached through the path between 19 and 21 Belmont Drive.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Yard of the Week-43 Belmont

Congratulations and thanks to the owner of 43 Belmont Drive for keeping such a pretty yard at this prominent corner house!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Trojan Baseball Hosts Youth Development Camp This Month

UALR’s baseball coaching staff will host a Youth Development Camp at Gary Hogan Field, June 22-25, for children ages 6-14. The camp will offer personal and group instruction in all phases of the game and run from 8 a.m. to noon each day.


Head coach Scott Norwood and his staff will be on hand to provide proper instruction and conduct drills to enhance the skill level of each individual. Campers will be instructed in fundamentals including hitting, pitching, infield, outfield, catching, base running, and bunting.


The cost of participation is $75 per camper. Individuals are expected to bring a glove, bat, cleats/spikes, running or turf shoes, hat, helmet, and any other equipment they feel necessary to compete. Catchers are required to bring their own gear.


For more information, please contact Coach Jeremy Haworth at 501.280.0759.

Improving water quality in Broadmoor Lake

If you walk the park near the clubhouse, you may have noticed some small white flags and higher grass in the ditch that leads to Broadmoor Lake.

For years, water has torn at the foundation of the rock bridge by the clubhouse. With this year's heavy rains, we have had even more erosion in the area.

In addition to erosion, swift runoff carries pollutants--oil, chemicals, and just plain dirt--into Broadmoor Lake.

In an effort to slow the water down, we have flagged the area and are letting the grass get just a bit higher in the little swale that leads to the chanellized part of the ditch. We will cut the vegetation once or twice a year, and we will not let woody shrubs grow in it.

We hope to establish some native wildflowers in the area, too.

To find out more about "vegetated swales," also called "bioswales," see this entry from Wikipedia.

Yard of the Week

47 Glenmere is our Yard of the Week. Congratulations, and thank you for keeping Broadmoor beautiful!