Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Get Ready for a LOUD UALR Emergency Alert Test Friday

Please be aware that the UALR main campus will test a new Emergency Campus Mass Notification Alert System at 10 a.m. Friday, April 2.  If you are on or near the main campus, you should hear a loud broadcast message that will say, "Your attention please. This is a test of the Campus Mass Notification System. This is only a test." The message will be repeated twice. You will not need to respond to the test.
This is a new exterior public address system that can broadcast messages during emergencies such as a tornado, fire, bomb threat, or campus shooting. After the system is fully operational,it will also be linked to the City of Little Rock 'stornado sirens and will test every Wednesday with the city's sirens.
On the main campus, speakers are located at the Jack Stephens Center , Parking Lot 5, and Stabler Hall.
The alert system has also been installed at the Bowen School of Law and the Benton campus. These campuses will have tests at a later date.
The Emergency Campus Mass Notification Alert System is part of UALR's emergency preparedness program. If an emergency on campus occurs, this PA system will be part of a broader communications effort to provide notification to the campus community.

Exterior colors for 1960 houses

From the Retro Rennovation Blog.
Exterior colors for 1960 houses: "
It’s always interesting to look at mid-century paint brochures to see the color combinations that were being promoted at the time. They tend to be so much more… adventurous… than we attempt today. I recently acquired a 1960 brochure from Dupont promoting their paint lines, and it shows a number of palettes for both the interior and exterior. Today, a look at some of the exterior colors that they were spotlighting, in case spring has you thinking about a new coat of paint for your house. Tip: Click on the first thumbnail below — it will enlarge and launch the slide show.










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April Broadmoor Board Meeting Agenda

Broadmoor Property Owners Association/
Broadmoor Recreational Improvement District
Board of Directors
Thursday, April 1, 2010
I.          Introductions
II.        March minutes
III.       Election of officers
IV.       Treasurer's report
V.        Pool report
            1.         Consideration of annual pool grant
VI.       Neighborhood Watch report
VII.     Clubhouse, Park, Lake, and Dam issues*
            1.         Park and dam landscaping
            2.         Clubhouse report
                        A.        Consider monthly authorization for clubhouse maintenance
            3.         Other items
VIII.    Quality of life  issues
            1.         Promoting city-wide cleanup day
            2.         Neighborhoods USA conference tour preparation
                        A.        Consideration of monetary contribution
            3.         Planning for successful 2010-2011
4.         Other items
IX.       New, old, other business and announcements
X.        Adjourn
*We will spend a few minutes after the meeting taking an inventory of items in the clubhouse

Saturday, March 27, 2010

The Early Days of Broadmoor ...

Installment 3

History compiled by Lanita Reynolds with the help of Bernie Allen, Berneice Howard, Glenn Ledbetter, Jack Marshall, Ford Patterson, Jack Perciful, Cheryl Davis South, Ann Wilson, and Ann Easterly.

Diorama of Broadmoor inside the "X-ray House"

In early 1954, many more houses were ready to be occupied, and Broadmoor's population increased rapidly. Construction moved along at a fast pace, with specialized crews working on each aspect of building the houses. A mill was located at the top of the hill on Broadmoor Drive, and a roofing supply and decking yard was on several lots near the comer of Lakeshore and Monica Drive. The builders assembled parts for the houses, and then took the pre-fabricated parts to each building site to be installed. This allowed the builders to finish one house every week to ten days. The park was developed in 1954.

By the end of 1956, most of the neighborhood's 553 homes had been built, and the last house was completed in 1957. In September of 1957, Broadmoor was annexed into the city.

The house located at 2800 S. University Avenue (at Broadmoor Drive) was a model home and was nicknamed "the X-ray house". Parts of the walls were open with a glass covering to allow potential buyers to see the insulation, the heating system, and other "inner workings" of the house.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Broadmoor House Plan 3617

Broadmoor House Plan 3617 was featured in this advertisement, which also includes elements of Plan 3700. Eighteen different floorplans were offered by the developer Elbert Fausett in our 552-home development. The plan booklet that the neighborhood association owns does not include a Plan 3700.
Each Broadmoor house, even those built from the same basic plan, looks different. Homebuyers could choose variations to the basic plan, including brick color, window size and placement, and trim. As the advertisement shows, houses could be built "standard" or "deluxe," too. Of course, our hilly terrain requires that each house be built to fit the site, too.
Here are links to some other neighborhoods developed in the 1950s. Some have floorplans:

Do you live in a house built from Plan 3617? Let us know in the comment section below.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Successful Annual Meeting

For the 54th year in a row, Broadmoor held a successful annual meeting Sunday afternoon. We had a great crowd of active neighbors.

City Director Doris Wright, who represents our ward, attended and spoke on a variety of issues of interest to attendees. Topics included the recently passed yard parking ordinance that we supported.

At-Large City Director Joan Adcock spoke to us about the upcoming Neighborhoods USA conference. We will be co-hosting a neighborhood tour with our friends in Fair Park and at UALR. Director Adcock asked that we all pitch in and volunteer at the conference.

We heard a very encouraging Neighborhood Watch report. Board member Steve Sullivan introduced Adjutant Sergeant Zebbie Burnett of the Little Rock Police Department's Northwest Patrol Division. Sergeant Burnett showed us crime statistics for the past year that are lower than the year before. He attributes some of that success o watchful neighbors. One vigilant Broadmoor resident was mentioned who called 911 after observing suspicious activity. The caller gave police a license plate number. That call led to the police arresting a burglar and clearing approximately 15 cases.

The board reported on last years accomplishments, and we had a good discussion of ongoing opportunities.

We look forward to another great year in Broadmoor. Come join us!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Agenda-54th Annual Broadmoor Meeting

Broadmoor Property Owners' Association/
Broadmoor Recreational Improvement District
March 21, 2010
I.          Welcome and introductions
            A.        Welcome by Pastor Ann Harrison
            B.        City Director Doris Wright
            C.        Upcoming Neighborhoods USA Conference, City Director Joan Adcock
II.        Consideration of 2009 Annual Meeting minutes
III.       Treasurer's report
IV.       Neighborhood Watch report
            A.        Little Rock Police Department
V.        Pool report
VI.       Public Relations Committee report
VII.     Review of 2009-2010 accomplishments
VIII.    Consideration of improvement district assessments
IX.       Consideration of 2010-2011 board members
X.        New, old, or other business
XI.       Adjourn

17 ideas to add curb appeal to your 40s, 50s or 60s house : Retro Renovation

17 ideas to add curb appeal to your 40s, 50s or 60s house : Retro Renovation

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Monday, March 15, 2010

Broadmoor Accomplishments 2009-2010

This report will be presented to the neighborhood Sunday, March 21 at the 54th Broadmoor Annual Meeting. We'll see you at 2 p.m. at St. Luke United Methodist Church, 6401 West 32nd Street.

Here are some of the things that Broadmoor volunteers did in the past year for the good of the neighborhood:

-Had a new roof installed on the clubhouse, and had water leaks around the chimney fixed.

-Held three successful Neighborhood Watch Block Parties where crime watch information was shared and networking was encouraged.

-Had another enjoyable and safe summer at the pool under the leadership of Pat and Calvin Mitchell. The fun included swim meets and potlucks. The Mitchells worked hard to kept the pool equipment running smoothly. Lots of people volunteered on pool work days and to run the concession stand. Dozens of families enjoyed this great asset.

-Distributed over 30 Welcome New Neighbor Packets.

-Continued to manage the neighborhood's finances responsibly.

-Hired a professional security company to monitor the park during the peak time of the year for outdoor activities.

-Purchased a new playground-grade basketball rim for park.

-Had a lawn service keep the park in great shape.

-Improved the look and usefulness of the main Broadmoor Web site, www.broadmoorlr.com.

-Used the Broadmoor Neighborhood News Web site, www.broadmoorlr.blogspot.com, to distribute timely information.

-Had vegitation on the dam cleared in the spring.

-Started using Twitter and Facebook to share neighborhood information and to let people know what a great place to live Broadmoor is.

-Improved the clubhouse rental rules to enhance enjoyment.

-Obtained a city grant for playground improvements.

-Installed new playground equipment in the fenced little kids play area. Put new mulch down and topped the fence with protective plastic covers.

-Conducted a long-term planning session to set goals for the year.

-Awarded a Yard of the Week designation to a different Broadmoor home every week spring through fall.

-Worked with the Fair Park Residents Association to establish the University District Police Officer of the Year program.

-Had Broadmoor Lake stocked with 1,125 2" Largemouth Bass and 1,600 3" Bluegill Bream by the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission.

-Replaced old fencing at ends of dam. New fence is more secure and makes it difficult to get into backyards of houses near ends of dam. The south end is now vehicle accessible.

-Encouraged the Little Rock City Board of Directors to pass an ordinance regulating parking cars on lawns.

-Distributed several paper newsletters and postcards with news, upcoming events, and other helpful information.

-Purchased and had professionally planted 4 high-quality trees in Broadmoor Park.

-Improved communication with the Little Rock Police Department to share information.

-Continued to improve the neighborhood watch, deterring crime and resulting in arrests because alert and observant neighbors called police.

-Repaired extensive termite damage to the historic clubhouse and installed supports to ensure that the roof does not sag.

-Repaired the rock work in the waterway leading to the lake. This included replacing the footing on the footbridge close to the lake to.

-Solicited bids and hired a lawn contractor to maintain the park and dam.

-The Public Relations Committee met and planned more efforts to improve communication among residents and to let people know how great our area is.

-Planned an upcoming neighborhood tour to take place in May 2010 when the Neighborhoods USA conference comes to Little Rock.

-Made positive contact with several landlords to help them with issues such as ice storm damage and other problems.

-Held a very successful Christmas decoration contest.

-Continued to work with the UALR University District, attending meetings, making suggestions, and generally working with the UALR staff on issues important to residents of the University District.

-Met with UALR criminal justice faculty on potential projects.

-Two board members served on the University District Development Corporation (UDDC) board, meeting monthly to improve area housing.

-Worked to make Broadmoor residents aware of a UDDC-led grant program for home improvements. We sent postcards to every Broadmoor home alerting them to the program. Several Broadmoor residents have met with UDDC staff to apply for assistance, such as the installation of new roofs.

-Improved our "landlord database" of absentee owners.

-Instituted an electronic newsletter that reaches residents and community leaders.

-Attended quarterly meetings of the Little Rock Police Department Northwest Patrol Division and reported what we learned to the board and to residents through our Web site.

-Beefed up efforts to notify the city of code violations, including coordinating and distributing information by e-mail and telephone to residents who contacted city officials to get action.

-To pitch in, just attend one of our monthly meetings at 7 p.m. the first Thursday of each month at the clubhouse.

Wildlife Seedling Bundles Now Available

Want to plant more trees in your Broadmoor yard?

The Arkansas Forestry Commission Baucum Nursery announces a new tree seedling purchasing option. The nursery has packaged a limited number of wildlife bundles containing Northern Red Oak, Cow Oak, Sawtooth Oak, Persimmon and Pecan.
The one-year-old, bare root seedlings are packaged in bundles of 10 (two of each species) for $20, and each species is marked with different color flagging.
The new wildlife bundles are only available online, and must be picked up no later than March 31.

Order your seedlings here: https://www.ark.org/afc2/index.php
The Arkansas Forestry Commission Baucum Nursery has sold out of Loblolly Pine, Shortleaf Pine, Red Mulberry, Sweet Gum, Live Oak, Persimmon, Willow Oak and Nuttall Oak for the 2010 planting season. Limited quantities of Sugarberry, Cow Oak, Water Oak, Black Walnut and Pecan are still available. Place your order soon to get the species you need.
AFC seedlings are grown at Baucum Nursery for one growing season — except for 25 pack Loblolly pine which are 2 years old. When the seedlings become dormant in the fall, they are lifted and packed "bare root" (no dirt on the roots) for shipment to designated cooler locations.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

10 Questions, 10 Minutes to Complete

Broadmoor residents--Please complete and return your 2010 Census forms!

With one of the shortest questionnaires in history, the 2010 Census asks for name, gender, age, race, ethnicity, relationship, and whether you own or rent your home.

It is very important that residents of Broadmoor and the University District are counted. We want the City of Little Rock, the State of Arkansas, and the federal government to know how many of us are here. These government agencies make decisions about legislative districts, improvements, and many other important issues based on population.

It takes only about 10 minutes for the average household to complete. Questions about Community Survey, which is conducted every year throughout the decade and replaces the Census 2000 long-form questionnaire.

Responses to the 2010 Census questionnaire are required by law. All responses are used for statistical purposes only, and all are strictly confidential.

For more information, visit the 2010 Census Web site at www.census.gov/2010.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

New Basketball Rim for Park

Across the stone bridge from the clubhouse and picnic area in Broadmoor Park, you will find a concrete basketball half court. Over the years, we have tried a variety of steel rims to find one that can stand up to vigorous use.

We think we have found the solution this year! We have bought a "MacGregorEnduro Front Mount Playground Goal."

This rim has a very heavy duty mounting plate that extends around the rim--actually two rims. MacGregor welded two steel hoops together for strength, then fused a sheet metal band below them.

This rim is intended for playgrounds, and, once installed, we expect it to last indefinitely.

We should dedicate the goal to the late Bernie Allen, who served several terms on the board of directors as a member, officer, and president. Every time over the years that someone mentioned replacing a broken rim, Bernie would tell us that it wouldn't hold up. Maybe this time it will.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010


COLLEGE FOR KIDS?  You better believe it !!
Do you have an artistic child who is a budding musician, dancer, visual artist, singer, or writer? Sign up for the most unique camp in town! 
Dates:     Session I       June 14 -18th 
           Session II      August 2 - 6th
Time:       8:00 a.m. -12:30 p.m.
Tuition:    $160  
            ($5 discount if paid in one full payment, at least 30 days
            prior; 10% discount for additional child)
Place:      UALR COMMUNITY SCHOOL OF THE ARTS, office: Fine Arts Building, 164
Ages:       Entering K – 15 years, fall 2010
UALR faculty and professional artists offer a fun-filled week of exposure and instruction in (tentatively): Art Sampler, Photography, Piano, Guitar, Violin, Voice, Songwriting, IQ Music, Rock-Pop Band, Chinese Brush Painting, Conversational Chinese, Creative Writing, the Magical Arts, International Cooking, Taiji, and o the rs. Students select four art forms for the week.

Review the entire program on ualr.edu/communityschool and click on "summer programs" or call for printed material: 501-569-3480..
Unlike o the r programs, children have the unique advantage of interacting with college faculty and professional artists who are not only teachers, but artists working in the ir field.  Students study within the ir own age group.  All musical instruments, materials, and mid-morning snacks are provided. A team of Program Aides provide extra help and constant supervision.
To Pre-register:    Call UALR Community School of the Arts: 501-569-3480
or:    E-register at our website:  ualr.edu/communityschool   

or:    Visit our office in the Fine Arts building, room #164 
Due to renovations in the Fine Arts building this summer, the Arts Camps will be held at the university Commons. Drop-off and Pick-up instructions will be forwarded upon registration.
Leslie J. Mangiamele, Director
Janice Sampson, Registrar
UALRCommunity Schoolof the Arts

Friday, March 5, 2010

Arkansas Blog: Target rises

Arkansas Blog: Target rises

Concrete Contractors Needed to Repair Pool Deck

The Broadmoor Property Owners' Association operates a neighborhood pool. The pool deck is approximately 40 years old, and it is in need of repair. 
We would like you to take a look at our pool deck and tell us what you can do to ensure our continued enjoyment of the pool into the future.
To arrange a visit or to discuss the pool, please contact Pat Mitchell at 565-5613.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

A Big "Thank You" to the Little Rock Board of Directors

Last night, the City of Little Rock Board of Directors approved an ordinance restricting parking in front and side yards to proper surfaces. The City has considered the measure for several years and did not enter into it lightly.

The change goes into effect this summer.

In Broadmoor, we will be able to use the ordinance as a tool to improve our great neighborhood by getting cars and trucks off of lawns and onto driveways.

We sincerely appreciate the efforts of the Board.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Broadmoor Public Relations Committee to Meet

The Broadmoor Public Relations Committee will meet on Tuesday, March 9, at 6 p.m. at 36 Rosemont Drive. We will discuss new and ongoing efforts to promote the neighborhood and determine target audiences.

Your input and involvement would be greatly appreciated!

Please let Anna Swaim know if you have any questions or concerns at anna_swaim@yahoo.com. If you have kids, bring 'em along!

Neighborhoods USA Conference this Spring in Little Rock

Neighborhood, USA (NUSA) and the City of Little Rock invite you to attend NUSA's 35th Annual Conference on Neighborhood Concerns on May 26-29, 2010.

Much effort is going into preparing for this conference, with the goal of making it an historic occasion for neighborhood activists, elected officials, practitioners and everyone interested in improving the quality of their neighborhoods.

Get the conference brochure here:

With an expected 1300-1500 people in attendance, there will be much to learn and share. Networking and exciting activities are planned that will hopefully meet your needs and the needs of your neighborhood and community, and introduce you to new and innovative ideas and best practices.

This year, NUSA and the City of Little Rock have established a brand new Federal Partners Program. The 2010 Federal Partners are: HUD, City Year, FEMA, National Park Services and the Clinton Presidential Center. This program is a further effort for NUSA to be more inclusive and establish collaborative partnerships with other organizations that share common goals. NUSA hopes to expand this program to other federal partners in the future.

Over 60 workshops are planned and designed to meet the needs of beginners, intermediate and advanced neighborhood activists. Twenty-five Neighborhood Pride Tours will also be offered to showcase the historic and diverse makeup of Little Rock and its neighborhoods. A special Youth Track will also be provided to include workshops and tours for ages 16-19.

Don't miss this opportunity to learn new ideas and best practices, share your experiences, and network with neighborhood-minded activists from throughout the nation and abroad.

Mark your calendar for May 26-29. Join us and be a part of the nation's best gathering of neighborhoods.

Board Meeting Thursday, March 4th 7 p.m. @ Clubhouse


I.     Introductions

II.    Consideration of February minutes

III.   Treasurer's report

IV.    Review bids

        A. Park landscape maintenance
        B. Dam clearing

V.     Discuss Annual Meeting preparation

VI.    New business, old businsess, and announcements.

VII.   Adjourn