Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Promise Neighborhoods Institute Will Tour Neighborhood This Thursday!

Promise Neighborhoods Institute Will Tour Neighborhood This Thursday!

Two members of the Promise Neighborhoods Institute and a staff member from the Harlem Children's Zone will be in town this week to learn more about our "promise neighborhood" and ways they may be able to assist and support our efforts over the next year.

The more complete a picture of our neighborhood, schools, and challenges we can give them, the more effective their help and assistance will be so we invite anyone interested in sharing their knowledge of the neighborhood or in just learning a little more about the Harlem Children's Zone approach to come out and meet and talk to this team. We will be holding informal, drop-in receptions in both the morning and evening on Thursday, with the hopes that all interested would be able to attend one or the other.

Morning Meet-and-Greet
Thursday, October 28
8:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.m.
Stephens Elementary School Library (3700 W. 18th St.)

Evening Meet-and-Greet
Thursday, October 28
5:30 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.
UALR Bailey Alumni and Friends Center (on the corner of 28th Street and Campus Drive)

We hope you will join us in welcoming this team to Little Rock and pass this invitation along to anyone else who may be interested! If you have questions or need further directions to either location, please just let me know.

As always, thanks so much for your interest in and support of the CLRPN. I hope to see you on Thursday!


Julie Hall, Director
University District Educational Network
University of Arkansas at Little Rock

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Argenta CDC News

The Argenta Community Development Corporation in North Little Rock is really busy. Check out their electronic news here.

Two Broadmoor board members serve on the University District Development Corporation. We are just at the point of selling our first house, but, someday, we hope to be as busy as Argenta.

Monday, October 18, 2010

City Adopts University District Land Use Plan

The Little Rock City Board of Directors recently adopted land use changes recommended by the University District Revitalization Plan.

The Planning Commission adopted the recommendations in July and forwarded them to the city board for consideration. The land use plan is a visionary document that sets the overall direction for real estate development in the area. The most significant amendment was to change the land use plan in the Colonel Glenn corridor from commercial to mixed use, encouraging developers to consider incorporating office, institutional, and residential uses along with commercial development. A map illustrating the changes is available.

UDDC House for Sale!

Several Broadmoor residents have devoted years of volunteer effort to the University District Partnership. One very tangible result is the rehabilitation and offering for sale of the University District Development Corporation's first house.

UDDC House for Sale

The University District Corporation offers its first single-family house for sale to qualified first-time homebuyers. 

The house, located at 1516 South Harrison Street, has had a complete makeover with all new: roof, HVAC, wall insulation, ceiling, floors, energy-efficient windows and doors, wiring and plumbing, kitchen cabinets and appliances, bathroom fixtures, ceramic tile, parking pad, and landscaped yard. 

The sales price is $105,000. 

A qualified first-time homebuyer must meet income and credit requirements with income not exceeding 80 percent of area median family income and not owning a home for the past three years. 

Eligible homebuyers may receive up to a $20,000 subsidy to assist with down payment and closing costs and/or sales price reduction of the home. 

Persons interested should contact Barrett Allen at 501.683.7361. 

Northwest Patrol Division Quarterly Meeting October 21

The Northwest Patrol Division 4th quarter meeting is Thursday, October 21, 6:30pm at the Northwest Substation 10,001 Kanis Road. This meeting is for Districts 60, 61, 62, 63, 64, 70, 71, and 72.

Broadmoor is in the Northwest Patrol Division.

These very informative meetings provide a forum for concerned Citizens to hear crime statistics and crime trends in their respective patrol division areas; Discussion on progress of arrests and investigations; To share success stories, accomplishments and to commend officers for outstanding performance; And, an opportunity for Citizens to express concerns.

Operation Identification II

The Little Rock Police Department’s Neighborhood Watch Program is introducing “Operation Identification II” during October (Crime Prevention Month) and for the upcoming holiday season. 

Citizens can check out an Ultra Violet Marking Pen from any Little Rock branch of the Central Arkansas Library Systems or Neighborhood Alert Center. 

This system comes with two markers, (a fine and a medium point) and a keychain ultra violet light. The ink is not clearly visible in normal light, but is visible with the UV key chain-light and highly visible with the UV light the Burglary Detectives use. 

Mark valuables with name, address and phone number NO SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBERS!

Suggestions for use: car stereos, purses, billfolds, GPS, satellite radios, I-pods, X-box, play station, firearms, cell phones, I-phones, cameras, computers, etc. 

This system can also be purchased for $13.00. Money collected goes to purchase more at that reduced price.

Regulating Green Monsters

In case you've wondered when to put out and bring in your "green monster" trash can, here's what Little Rock Ordnances state:

Section 28-18 "…containers shall be stored between collections soas not to i mpede pedestrian or vehicular traffic along sidewalks, alleys, streets, and other right-of-ways."

Section 28-21 "…containers should not be placed out for collection prior to 4:00 p.m. the day preceding the normal collection day. The containers should be removed by midnight the day of completion of solid
waste collection."

Little Rock Solid Waste has a program in place for the elderly and handicapped to help deal with the each person's specific needs.
If you know of someone that needs help, all they have to do is call 311, state their problem  and that will begin the process..

Bulky items and garbage that does not fit in the can should not be placed on the curb unless special arrangements are made for pickup by calling 311. If you see large piles of trash, furniture, etc. on the curb, be a good neighbor and call 311 for pickup. The cit will not pick up tires, chemicals, old paint, and certain other items. For more detail, go to the Little Rock Solid Waste website.

Now, the challenge is to get your kids to roll the can out and back in!

Candidates for Little Rock Municipal Offices on TV

Candidates for Little Rock municipal offices can be seen on the following government access channels and at the following times:


The several contested Ward Director candidate questions and answers will be broadcast
each morning beginning at 9 am, lasting through 12 noon. The Mayoral candidates are the final candidates in this morning schedule.

The Ward / Mayoral Candidate questions and answers will be repeated beginning at 8 pm each night.


The several contested Ward Director candidate questions and answers will be broadcast
each morning beginning at 9 am, lasting through 12 noon. The Mayoral candidates are the
final candidates in this morning schedule.

The Ward / Mayoral Candidate questions and answers will be repeated beginning at 8 pm each night.

UALR Blog Entry on Coleman Creek Improvements

UALR's "Sights and Sounds Blog" has a great feature on the park at the south end of the campus. There are lots of pictures of the site before and after. See the post here.