Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Special Needs Assistance Program Accepting Applicants

The University District Development Corporation (UDDC) is accepting requests from eligible homeowners in the University District interested in participating in the Federal Home Loan Bank of Dallas’ Special Needs Assistance Program (“SNAP”). SNAP funds provide up to $5,000 toward minor repair costs for homeowners age 55 or older or those having a documented disability and income of 80 percent or below the median income for the area. The median income for University District homeowners is $33,150 (1-person), $37,850 (2-people), $42,600 (family of three), $47,300 (family of four).

The Federal Home Loan Bank of Dallas’ region includes Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Texas, and New Mexico. During this round of funding each local member bank can receive up to $45,000 for rehabilitation grants, and the Dallas region has a total of $750,000 to award on a first-come, first-serve basis.

The UDDC partners with local member banks and makes funds available to homeowners in the University District. Homeowners receiving the grant must stay in their home for five years for the loan to be fully forgiven. This is the UDDC's second year to participate in SNAP and third year the FHLB has funded the program. Several University District homeowners benefited last year.

For more information contact Barrett Allen at 501-683-7361 or

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Broadmoor Christmas Decoration Contest Winners

Our traditional Broadmoor Christmas Decoration Contest is showing real results in the neighborhood. During the 2010 season we had more houses decorated than ever before.

A group of enthusiastic volunteers made the rounds the week before Christmas for the very difficult task of deciding the best of all the nicely decorated homes.

The winners:

First Place--10 Barbara Drive
Second Place--5 Glenmere
Third Place--2205 Ridge Park Drive
Third Place--44 Rosemont Drive
Honorable Mention--2207 Ridge Park Drive

Thanks to all the Broadmoor residents who decorated this year. We expect 2011 to be even better!

UALR Radio "Broadcasting from the University District"

UALR Public Radio | FM 89 KUARUALR Public Radio - KLRE Classical 90.5

One of the often-heard suggestions in the University of Arkansas at Little Rock (UALR) University District planning and steering process has been that we "brand" the area surrounding the campus. One method mentioned is having the UALR radio stations, KLRE (90.5 FM) and KUAR (89.1 FM), announce that they are broadcasting from the University District.

If you have been listening to either station lately, you will have noticed that they both mention the University District! The classical music station, KLRE, began some time ago, and the news and music station, KUAR, started using the tagline in the past few weeks.

Broadmoor is excited about the University District effort, and we thank all our partners, especially UALR, in the effort.

Untapping kinetic energy - civic potential under the surface

Safegrowth, a blog about interesting urban issues, has a recent post that may be of interest to those trying to make our community stronger. See the post here.

Neighborhood Board Meeting this Thursday

The Broadmoor Neighborhood Board will meet on Thursday, January 6 at 7:00 in the Clubhouse at 19 1/2 Belmont Drive.

All are welcome to attend.

University District Board Vacancy

The University District Development Corporation is seeking volunteers to serve on the Board of Directors.

Currently we have two Broadmoor Board Members serving on the Board of the UDDC.

The link is below for details of the scope of the University District Partnership and the UDDC

University District website.   

Please send resumes or letters of interest to:


Draft November Neighborhood Board Minutes

Board Members Present: 
Board Members Absent:
Antje Harris, Vice President   
Phyllis Holimon, Secretary   
Karen Walls, Treasurer  
Steve Sullivan, Neighborhood Watch     
Liz  Mackenzie         
Calvin Mitchell
Edward Swaim, President

Executive Committee Members Present (Past Presidents):           
India Lee
Cleo Thomas

Broadmoor Residents and Others Present:
June Gillen

Call to order
Antje called the meeting order and introductions were made.
Meeting called to order at 7:01 pm
November 4, 2010 minutes
No additions or revisions needed for the minutes.
Motion made by Liz to accept the minutes as written; seconded by Karen. All present approved.
Treasurer’s Report
Karen pointed out credits of $8,056.24 in Property taxes and $100.00 in Clubhouse rentals in November. No significant change in utilities costs. Other routine debits were Quality Security and Lawnpros. Dylan Pilot is working out very well as Maintenance person and was paid his first check.
Motion made by India to accept the Treasurer’s Report as presented; seconded by Liz. All present approved.
Pool Report

Cal reported that Nick has been pumping rain water off of the pool cover. Cal also noted a large collection of leaves in and around the pool.
Karen will ask LawnPro to sweep the leaves out of both the pool and around the pool.

Publicity Committee
Liz reported that the Fall Newsletter has been delayed due to Anna’s PC crashing, but it will go out in the next six days.

Neighborhood Watch
Steve reported that it’s been quiet around the neighborhood. He is meeting with the Criminal Law Department at UALR. Other neighborhood representatives are also attending. The mission is to improve communication with other neighborhoods, UALR and Little Rock police departments to decrease crime.
No action necessary
Clubhouse, Park, Lake and Dam Issues

1) New Maintenance person hired: Dylan Pilot was hired to replace Paul Burchman, who had too many other jobs preventing him from getting the work done in the Broadmoor park. Dylan has proved to be dependable; he has cleaned trash off the lake and the along the shorelines. Also trimmed growth in the ditch and picked up the trash.
2) LawnPros:  Still need them to sweep leaves out of the flower beds. Request made that they also sweep the sidewalks, especially to remove acorns and nuts to prevent falls.
3)  Karen reported that the Heating system has been serviced and is operating well.
4) Repair of erosion of wall around rain drainage pipe.  Liz reported that $3,100.00 was approved at a special Called Meeting on Monday, November 29, for the purpose of making this repair. It was urgent to approve the funds while the lake is still down. Work is scheduled to start next week. Question asked about bids from this company to make repairs to the pool deck, sidewalks in the park and steps around the edge of the lake behind Mrs. Wilson’s house.  
5) Dam Fence Replacement:  Karen said Ingle Fence Company may be able to start next week on replacing the fence on top of the dam.
6) Cleaning the Clubhouse: India and Karen will take care of the housekeeping in the Clubhouse.
7) Fallen Tree at #3  Broadmoor:  This problem has been called in to 311, but no action has been taken.  Also, there are large dogs in the back yard that bark when residents walk past the fence and they appear capable of jumping the fence
8) Speed Bumps for Glenmere Drive:  Resident of Glenmere complained about speeding and asked if speed bumps could be financed by Broadmoor residents.
1) No action necessary.

2) Karen will call LawnPros to pick up fallen limbs and sweep leaves off the sidewalks and out of the flower beds.
 3) No action necessary.

4) Liz will ask for estimates for all of these projects.

5) No action necessary.

6). No action necessary

7) Karen will contact 311 and ask about the status of the fallen tree problem. She will check with Animal Control and discuss the presence of these large dogs.
8) Tabled until discussed with Edward.
Quality of life issues

1) Christmas Lights:  Judging of Christmas light decorations will be Tuesday, 12/21. Volunteers for judging are: Rhiannon, Karen, Liz, and Antje. If you are interested in volunteering as a judge you should contact Karen or Liz.
Criteria for awarding prizes as follows:
a. First prize limited to once in 3 years.
b. Judges are not eligible for a prize
c. Ask permission of winners to post pictures of their name and decorations on the Broadmoor web site.
2) Steve spoke about the possibility of renting the Clubhouse on Sunday mornings for church service.
3) Willie Cockrell Memorial Clock:  The clock is missing from the Clubhouse and may have been removed from the building during renovation.

1) Next year consider a method to have a light display around the lake.

2) Approved by all present.

3) Phyllis will send email to Broadmoor Neighborhood email list inquiring about the clock..
New, old, other business and announcements
No action necessary.

Adjourned at 7:43 pm

______________________                                                                                               _____________________________
Phyllis Holimon, Secretary                                                                                                     Antje Harris, Vice President                    

Date: _____________________                                                                                            Date: ____________________________

New Code Enforcement Regulations

The City's Neighborhood and Housing Code Enforcement regulations have changed.

A Code Enforcement LIFE-SAFETY Violation now must be corrected within 7 days.  Failure to do so will result in a Court Summons. The old timeline was 30 days.

A Code Enforcement Non-Life-Safety Violation now must be corrected within 3o days.  Failure to do so will result in a Court Summons.  The old timeline was 60 days.

These changes will speed up repairs on Housing Violations or get them into court faster

If you see an empty rental house, call 311 and ask that it be inspected.  This will help the new tenants and your property's value.

If you see and or suspect a Housing Code Violation call 311.

Take an active role in making Broadmoor better – report all violations!