Monday, February 21, 2011

Fish Stocking in Broadmoor Lake

Broadmoor resident and fisherman Keith Gillen led a recent effort to have Broadmoor Lake stocked with bream. Below are some photos of the fish being put in the lake over the past weekend.

The fish are large enough not to be eaten by the fish already in the lake. We hope they have a lot of little fish babies, too.

Keith putting fish in the lake.

When you visit Broadmoor Lake, you'll see some other recent improvements. The fence along the dam has been replaced, and we have done some recent maintenance on the park equipment. More improvements to come!

Friday, February 11, 2011

Where is the garbage truck?

Solid Waste Collections will be suspending all services except garbage collections from today through Sunday, February 13, 2011.

Crews are resuming garbage service today beginning with Wednesday routes. Any streets too icy for safe driving conditions will be skipped at this time, but they will be noted by staff and attempts will be made to return later when conditions improve on Saturday or Sunday.

Crews will move onto Thursday and then Friday routes as they are completed. Public Works asks that residents leave their carts out if garbage is normally picked up Wednesday through Friday, since staff cannot predict exactly when each day's routes will be completed. Staff plans on working Saturday (and Sunday if necessary) to complete all garbage routes.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Board Meeting February 4 7PM Clubhouse 19 1/2 Belmont Drive

Broadmoor Property Owners Association/Broadmoor Recreational Improvement District
Board of Directors
Thursday, February 3, 2011

I.          Introductions

II.        January minutes

III.       Treasurer’s report

IV.       Pool report

V.        Neighborhood Watch report

VI.       Set annual meeting date and time

VII.     Clubhouse, Park, Lake, and Dam issues
            1.         Maintenance reports
            2.         Lawnpros 2011 contract
                        a. Additional items to add to contract?
            3.         Lake
                        a.         Fish stocking
                        b.         Silt
                        c.         Water quality
            4.         Landscaping improvement suggestions         
5.         Other items

VIII.    Quality of life issues
            1.         Code/Landlord issues
                        a.         Continued yard parking problems
                        b.         3 Broadmoor
            2.         University District report
3.         Other items

IX.       New, old, other business and announcements

X.        Adjourn

Helpful information
Broadmoor website:         
Broadmoor Blog:
UALR University District:
Police non-emergency number 371-4829
Online 311:
Alert Center: Carla Nichols: 666-0916