Sunday, April 17, 2011

More Tangible Results from University District Partnership!

You may notice signs in a several yards around Broadmoor with the University District Development Corporation (UDDC) logo. 

Very soon, you will see work being done at those homes, such as roof replacement. This is all part of an effort called "SNAP" financed through member banks by the Federal Home Loan Bank Board. Leg work for the program is being done by UALR staff who work with the University District Development Corporation (UDDC), a not-for-profit organization working toward housing and economic development goals identified in the University District Revitalization Plan and University Strategic Plan

Governed by a 15 member board of directors made up of local residents, financial institutions, faith-based organizations, real estate professionals, small business owners and UALR personnel, the UDDC is taking a lead role in the development or redevelopment of housing for first-time home buyers in the University District.
Two members of the Broadmoor Neighborhood board serve on the UDDC board.

The UDDC will meet every second Thursday of the month at 12 noon in the Bailey Center, unless otherwise noted.

Find the University District Partnership on Facebook.

Park Security Program

Residents of Broadmoor know how quiet and peaceful our area is. They also appreciate our 10-acre lake and similarly sized park nestled in the center of the neighborhood in the heart of Little Rock. Fishing, boating, and walking are popular activities around the lake, and our park is a great place to picnic and just enjoy a quiet afternoon.

To ensure tranquility in the park, we engage a professional security service to patrol the park and lake area spring through fall each year. You may encounter a uniformed security guard making random rounds in Broadmoor Park.

Expect the guard to strike up a conversation. In addition to deterring would-be mischief-makers by being seen, they will be checking to make sure those using the park, especially fishermen, are Broadmoor residents or are accompanied by someone who calls Broadmoor home.

If out-of-neighborhood fishermen are found or suspected, we will notify the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission Wildlife Officers, who have the authority to issue tickets for trespassing.

If you see or hear of any problems in the park, please contact a board member using the contact information at

Friday, April 15, 2011

Neighborhood Leaders Meeting Monday 5:30 PM

University District neighborhood leaders will meet next Monday, April 18, at 5:30 at the Bailey Center.

The Bailey Center is located on 28th Street next door to the Chancellor's House and across the street from the Stephens Arena.

Parking is available across 28th Street in Lot 13. Parking is open and no permit is required.

Here's a beginning agenda:
  1. Introductions of persons new to the group
  2. Review of the Central Little Rock Promise Neighborhood program and discussion of what it means for your neighborhoods and how you and your members can be involved.
  3. Review of the Growing Health Communities grant program and the activities planned for neighborhoods during 2011/2012.
  4. Discussion of current neighborhood events, activities and interests.
  5. Discussion of setting a regular meeting date, time and place.
  6. Other business.