Thursday, May 26, 2011

Door-to-door alarm company subject of Seven on your Side

Those persistent door-to-door alarm salesmen who have hounded Broadmoor residents constantly for the past couple of weeks work for a company that has been sued by the Arkansas Attorney General and several other states.

KATV's "Seven on your Side" recently ran a story on the company. See it here

Jason Pederson offers several tips on with alarm companies to make sure you get a good system from a reputable dealer.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Broadmoor Pool News

Broadmoor Pool News
Pool Phone: 562-0089
Pool Manager Pat Mitchell: 565-5613 
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Hope you are looking forward to enjoying another summer at the Broadmoor pool, midtown's best kept secret. Here are a few announcements for your consideration:

Memorial Day Holiday Opening Weekend Hours
Saturday 11 a.m. - 8 p.m.
Sunday 1 p.m. - 6 p.m.
Monday 11 am. - 6 p.m.

Regular Summer Schedule
Tuesday - Friday Noon - 8 p.m.
Wednesday Adult Swim 7 p.m. - 9 p.m.
Saturday 11 a.m. - 8 p.m.
Sunday 1 p.m. - 6 p.m.

Dues and Fees - NO INCREASE!
Broadmoor Residents - $115
   Covers family members who live in the home and children/grandchildren who live elsewhere.
Non-resident Guest Membership - $175

Guest Fees
Under age 16 - $3
Age 16 and over - $4
Family Rate - $10
Guests must be accompanied by a pool member and live outside Broadmoor

Membership Recruiting 
More members means a better pool! By getting just 15 new members, we can boost the budget and our ability to maintain and improve the pool. Recruit a new member and get a $10 concession stand card! 

Fourth Sunday Potlucks 
Join friends and neighbors on the fourth Sunday of every month, starting at 6 p.m. for a pool potluck. Bring what you like, there's always plenty for everyone!

Concession Stand
Broadmoor pool is affordable because of hundred of volunteer hours spent at pool work days, at the concession stand, and countless other ways. If you are available to pick up a brief shift at the concession stand, please check the volunteer schedule in the concession stand. Thanks so much to all of you who volunteer!

Thank You!
We cannot thank Pat and Calvin Mitchell enough for serving as pool managers. It is a BIG job and we are grateful to them. Please tell Mrs. Pat or Mr. Calvin "thank you" the next time you see one of them.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Broadmoor's Chris Allbritton Reuters Bureau Chief in Pakistan

Chris Allbritton, who grew up in Broadmoor, is now reporting from Pakistan as the Reuters bureau chief in that country. Chris has spent several years reporting from the Middle East, especially in countries where the United States has been fighting. Follow the link to learn more.

Draft Minutes of April Broadmoor Board Meeting

These are the draft minutes--subject to correction--for our April Broadmoor Board meeting:

Board Members Present: 
Board Members Absent:
Antje Harris, Vice President   
Phyllis Holimon, Secretary   
Karen Walls, Treasurer               
Edward Swaim, President
Rhiannon Morgan   
Liz  Mackenzie                        
Executive Committee Members Present (Past Presidents):
Bill Looney                     
Calvin Mitchell
India Lee

Broadmoor Residents and Others Present:
Pat Mitchell                    Josh Nocire      
Laura Luce                      Ken Oberste
Michael McCann
Scott Jones
Call to order
1) Antje Harris called the meeting to order and asked each person present to introduce themselves.
1) Meeting called to order at 7:00 pm
March, 2011 minutes
Antje asked if there were any changes/additions to the March minutes; none were brought forward.
Liz made a motion to accept the minutes as written: seconded by Cal.
Approved by all present.
Approval of 2011 Board members
Antje presented a list of Broadmoor Board members for 2011. See attached list.
-a. Antje proposed to add Rhiannon Morgan to the Board for a term of one year to complete the term for Steve Sullivan who has resigned due to work
-b Antje moved to approve Liz Mackenzie as President of the Broadmoor POA Board.
c) Antje proposed to accept the list of Broadmoor Property Owners Board as presented. See attached list for all names.
Antje turned the meeting to Liz Mackenzie, President of the Broadmoor Property Owners’s Board for the remainder of the meeting.

-a Seconded by Karen. Approved by all present.
-b Seconded by Karen. Approved by all present
-c Seconded by India
Suggestions from the March 21, 2011 Annual Board meeting
Liz shared the following items as suggested by Broadmoor residents who attended the Annual Meeting.
-trim tree along shore of lake
-attempt to decrease the number of people who re running red lights and stop signs in and around Broadmoor. Perhaps install cameras.
-open clubhouse and/or build a gazebo to rent for weddings, other events.
-place map of Broadmoor streets on our website.
-repair backyard fence at #3 Broadmoor and charge the owner for the repair. Antje will call 311 regarding this continuing problem.
No action necessary at this time.
Treasurer’s Report
Karen commented on the amount of money in our CD and suggested we discuss use of these funds in our June meeting. She also commented on the small amount of money received to date from the Personal Property tax. She indicated this amount will increase significantly in the next couple of months. She commented on the continuing good work by Dylan Pilot, the report reflected payment for two months work by Dylan. The remainder of the report relates to routine expenses. Liz asked if there were questions or comments regarding the Treasurer’s report; none were made.
Rhiannon made a motion to accept the Treasurer’s Report as presented. Seconded by Antje. Approved by all present.
Pool Report
Pat reported the pool must be painted this year. The cover will need to be removed the last weekend in April and schedule the clean-up and painting the next weekend.
Opening day for the pool will be Memorial Day. Pat will notify Broadmoor residents of the date and time of the pool opening. Suggestion made to ask Dylan to help paint if he is needed.
Report accepted as presented. 
Neighborhood Watch
Rhiannon will consider taking responsibility for the Neighborhood Watch Progarm following discussion with Edward.
Clubhouse, Park, Lake and Dam Issues

Clubhouse, Park, Lake and Dam Issues
1) Tree Trimming: Karen and Matt Marshall walked the park and identified dead trees, trees interfering with electrical wires, broken branches, etc. Mr. Marshall made a bid of $2,000 to do the work identified and discussed with Karen.

2) Bid for repair of pool deck: Liz reported she has received a bid of $24,004 from Mark Smith, Contractor. He stipulated that he is not responsible for damage to plumbing or electrical conduits in the deck. Josh commented that he thought this bid was excessive and asked if he could search for lower bids. Liz said the work would be scheduled for September after the pool closes. She commented on the possibility of getting a line of credit and use part of the tax money coming in this year to pay for this long needed repair.
3) Grant to the pool:  Antje suggested a grant of $1,500 to pool as we have done in past years and $100 each to Pat and Cal and to provide free pool membership their efforts to manage the pool.

4) Liz commented on the need to replace the pressure washer used at the pool. Pat will shop for a Pressure Washer.

5) Josh asked about the possibility of building a boat dock somewhere on the lake that would facilitate the placing of boats on the lake. Suggestion made to look at a site behind #26 Lakeshore.
1) Karen made a motion to accept the bid of $2,000. Seconded by Antje. Approved by all present.  
2) Tabled until Josh reports results of his investigation.

3)  Antje proposed that the Board approve a $1,700 for this purpose. Seconded by India. Approved by all present.
4) Tabled until price of pressure washer reported to the Board.
5) Josh will get a bid for this project.
Quality of Life Committee Issues
1) Yard of the Month: Karen displayed a new sign to be used in the Yard of the Month contest. Rhiannon will help Keith in the selection and notification of the home owner for Yard of the Month. They will be asked to sign consent so that photos of the yard can be placed on the Broadmoor website.
2) Proposed changes to in clubhouse rental terms: Rental fees to Broadmoor home owners will remain at $25.00. Renters of a home in Broadmoor will be required to make a deposit of $100.00 in addition to the $25.00 rental fee. If the clubhouse is left clean and the clubhouse rules are followed the deposit will be refunded.
1) No action necessary.

2) Karen proposed we approve this change to renting the clubhouse. Seconded by Rhiannon. Approved by all present.
New, old, other business and announcements
1) Liz discussed a letter she wrote on behalf of the Broadmoor Property Owners Board to Tony Bozynski, Director , City of Little Rock Planning & Development Department regarding the revised request to allow the placement of a convenience store with gas pumps at the intersection of I-630 and Fair Park Boulevard. In the letter Liz states that the Broadmoor Property Owners Association supported the Fair Park Residents Association in its opposition to the application. She commented on the reasons for the opposition. See the attached letter for full details.
2) UDDC update:  Liz said the committee meets next Thursday and she will report action from the meeting to the May Broadmoor POA Board.
3) Thank you gift for Edward: Liz said we will get the President’s plaque updated and suggested we make cash gift to Edward and Anne for their work with Broadmoor POA Board

4) Gift cards/certificates for the students and Dr. Payne who worked on the project to evaluate the quality of the Broadmoor Lake was discussed.

5) Fishing Derby: Liz talked with AG&F and they are not able to assist us due their regulations regarding lake vs. pond derbies. Suggestion made to invite the Broadmoor resident children and perhaps Fair Park children to a fishing derby in August. Have a Pot Luck picnic, hot dogs and burgers, prizes for the children.
6) Mr. Ken Oberste from the Maryton Park neighborhood was present to comment on code violations he identified in Broadmoor. He said he reported these to Joan Adcock, At Large Director of the City Council ,who was successful in sending a Code Team member out to address the problems.
1) Karen proposed that we support the proposed changes. Seconded by Rhiannon. Approved by all present.

2) No action necessary.

3) Karen proposed a check for $100.00. Seconded by Antje. Approved by all present.
4) Antje proposed to give Dr. Payne a check for $100.00 so he could take the students out to dinner. Seconded by Karen. Approved by all present.
5) Tabled pending further discussion.

6) Liz thanked Mr. Oberste for his comments. She encouraged those present to call #311 to report code violations.
1) Planning Hearing – April 21 at 4:00pm regarding – change in development proposal.

2) NW Patrol quarterly meeting:

3) Greater LR Neighborhoods meeting: April 9, 20:00 am at the Hinton Center.

1) Karen plans to attend this meeting and will report information from the meeting to the Broadmoor POA Board in May.

2) Rhiannon will try to go.
3) Open to anyone who wants to attend.

Adjourned at 8:13.

Broadmoor Neighborhood Association Meeting Thursday

Join your volunteer Broadmoor neighborhood board this Thursday night at the Broadmoor Clubhouse.

We meet at 7PM at 19 1/2 Belmont Drive.

Learn about what's happening in our neighborhood, and share your enthusiasm for Broadmoor!