Friday, July 22, 2011

Promise Neighborhood Forums

Last night 40 persons participated in a Promise Forum, discussing conditions that influence the growth and development of children and youth in the Promise Neighborhood area. They articulated a vision for providing children and youth safe, healthy and happy neighborhood conditions to support their development from "Cradle to Career".
Another Promise Forum is scheduled for tomorrow, Saturday, July 23 from 8:30 AM to 12 Noon at the Bishop Leodies & Goldie Warren Community Development Center at 1200 Bishop Warren Drive (formerly 1200 Lewis Street). Please plan to attend and participate.
Be a part of Making the Promise to neighborhood children and youth to ensure happy, healthy and productive childhoods and greater academic success from pre-school through college and career training. This effort aims to work with all children in the community and will include schools, after-school programs, community-based services to families and improved neighborhood conditions such as health and safety.
Go to for more information about the Central Little Rock Promise Neighborhood.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Projects Meeting Thursday, July 21

The Broadmoor Board will meet on Thursday, July 21 at 7:00 in the clubhouse.

This meeting has been scheduled to work on details of projects related to the park, pool and lake that require more time than is available during the regularly scheduled Board meetings.

The Board also needs increased participation by Broadmoor neighbors. Be a good neighbor and support the Board's efforts to provide a more attractive and safe neighborhood!

See you Thursday night.

Adult Swim Night Phased Out

Broadmoor Pool is eliminating adult swim night. Adults are enjoying the pool along with all the kids, so it is not needed.

Northwest Patrol Division Public Meeting Thursday

Join the officers who protect us this Thursday night at 6:30 p.m. Every quarter, our patrol division hosts interested citizens to update them on recent activity.

The police station is in the 10,000 block of Kanis Road near Baptist Hospital.

As reported at our July Broadmoor board meeting, we are experiencing very little crime in our area. Find out more at the quarterly meeting.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

June Broadmoor Board Draft Minutes

Draft Minutes 
Board of Directors
Broadmoor Property Owners Association/
Broadmoor Recreational Improvement District
Thursday, June 2, 2011

Board Members Present: 
Liz Mackenzie, President 
Antje Harris, Vice President 
Phyllis Holimon, Secretary 
Karen Walls, Treasurer 
Rhiannon Morgan 
Edward Swaim 
Calvin Mitchell 
India Lee 
Cloe Thomas   

Executive Committee Members Present (Past Presidents): 
Bill Looney 

Broadmoor Residents and Others Present: 
Pat Mitchell 
Cleo Tucker 
Michael McCann 
June Gillen 
Bobby Blount 
Jim Minors 
Donnell Williams 
Keith Gillen 

Call to order 
1) Liz called the meeting to order and asked each person present to introduce themselves. 
1) Meeting called to order at 7:04 pm 
Liz asked if there were any changes/additions to the May minutes; none were brought forward. 

Karen made a motion to accept the minutes as written: seconded by Rhiannon. 
Approved by all present. 

Treasurer’s Report 
Karen reported that we have received $30,745 from the Pulaski County Treasurer. Julien Nieto was paid for maintenance at the pool. The remainder of the report reflects routine expenses. The CD matures on on Monday June 6, 2011. Karen proposed to renew it for one year. 

Antje made a motion to accept the Treasurer’s Report as presented. Seconded by Cal. Approved by all present. 

Pool Report 
Pat reported that the pool has enrolled 50 members (33 Broadmoor residents and 17 outside the neighborhood) for $5,882. Two Day Care centers have asked to use the pool. Expenses to date include filters, paint, and pressure washer. The Arkansas Department of Health approved the pool opening. The Health Department Inspector did require additional patching of the pool deck before opening the pool. Engineer needed to assess drainage issues west of the pool. 

No action proposed. 

Neighborhood Watch 
Rhiannon reported a suspicious car in the neighborhood; she described it as an older white Dodge Dynasty. Call the police if you see this car. Edward reported that we have not had many burglaries in the first quarter of the year. There have been some arrests related to burglaries. However, a burglary was reported at 30 Broadmoor in the past week to 10 days. Email Edward if you see problems around the neighborhood. Call Children’s Services regarding the continuing concern of small children playing in the street. 

Clubhouse, Park, Lake and Dam Issues 

1) Tree Trimming: Karen said Matt Marshall will be in the Broadmoor on Monday, June 6, to trim trees in the park. He is offering a discount to Broadmoor residents for tree trimming to be done while he is in Broadmoor. Call Mr. Marshall to make arrangements for tree trimming/removal on your property. 

2) Dam Issues: Edward had no report to give. 

3) Security doing excellent job: Have increased the number of patrols. 

4) Cable needed at street to block service entrance: Liz reported that cars are being parked in the service entrance to the park and people are climbing over the fence to fish in the lake. She proposed to install two metal posts and cable to prevent cars being parked in that location. Cost approximately $250. 

Liz will make arrangements for the cable and posts.

5) Landscape Committee: Phyllis reported she had walked the park this afternoon with Issac Carroccio a graduate of the UA Fayetteville Landscaping Program. He has had two years experience working at Garvan Gardens in Hot Springs, but has recently left to open his own business. Phyllis and Kenny Roberts showed him the various locations in the park and discussed the Board’s wish to develop an overall plan for the area. Issac said he would charge $45.00 per hour and would need 10-12 hours to prepare a preliminary draft to bring back to the board in June. 

Liz made a motion to approve $600.00 for the preliminary draft. Seconded by Rhiannon. Approved by all present. 

Quality of Life Committee Issues 

1) Yard of the Month: #7 Glenmere Drive was selected as the Yard of the Month. 

Bobby Blount, homeowner, was present to accept the award and the $50.00 check. 


Keith has resigned from this committee. 

1) Rhiannon will take the responsibility for choosing the Yard of the Month. Thank you Rhiannon. 

Jim Minor 
Covenants for Neighborhoods 
Jim Minor, student at Bowen Law School, was present to share a report he made to the UDDC regarding updating homeowner deeds to include Opt-in Covenants that are not in our current deeds. See attached report for full details. 

No action required. 

New, old, other business and announcements 
1) Liz announced a Landscape meeting scheduled for Wednesday, June 8 at 7:00 in the Clubhouse. Ron Copeland will be present to discuss grants 

2) Update on proposed Development at Fair Park and I-630. This issue was tabled at the last City Board meeting. 

3) Neighborhood Connections Meeting; 

Adjourned at 8:46 

July Neighborhood Meeting Thursday

The Broadmoor Neighborhood Association Board holds its July PUBLIC meeting Thursday, July 7. We meet in the clubhouse at 19 1/2 Belmont Drive. City Director Joan Adcock is expected to attend.