Friday, August 26, 2011

New information on UALR gym membership

PRE - registration does not begin until September 1  - Mark your Calendars 


The due to the large number of responses to the UALR Fitness Center Membership, made possible by the Growing Healthy Communities grant, in order to have enough staff available PRE-REGISTRATION is REQUIRED for the Fall Wellness Fair Sept. 15, 16 & 17.

To PRE-REGISTER, contact Janea Synder:

Email -


Call - 501-952-2311

To receive your FREE 1 Year UALR Gym Membership you MUST:

PRE-REGISTER and ATTEND the Fall Wellness Fair held on Sept. 15, 16 & 17.


You must bring proof of residence and a photo I.D. the day that you attend the wellness fair.

Free gym memberships are available to any University District Resident 16 years old or older.


 Please share this with all of your neighbors!


Friday, August 12, 2011

To Access the UALR Fitness Center….spread the news please

The Healthy Communities Project Grant will allow University District residents to get free memberships to the UALR Donaghey Fitness Center.

To qualify you must live in the University District (everyone who lives in Broadmoor qualifies)  and attend the upcoming Healthy Communities Project Health Fair, you can receive a FREE membership to the Donaghey Fitness Center at UALR.  All of the facilities at the Donaghey Fitness Center will be available; aerobics classes, pool, lockers, exercise machines, treadmills, indoor track, racquetball courts and more.
  • Free one (1) year membership to the Donaghey Fitness Center at UALR.
  • Healthy Communities Project Health Fair will be September 15, 16 & 17.
  • The Health Fair will be the ONLY dates that a UD resident will be able to sign-up for using the Donaghey Fitness Center.
  • Failure to attend the Health Fair results in that resident NOT being allowed to use the Donaghey Fitness Center under this program.
  • The Health Fair will have typical health fair activities; blood pressure taking, body fat index taken, nurses, etc.
  • Residents will be expected to participate in the Health Fair, but not taking part in a health assessment can be waived on a case by case basis and the resident will/may still be able to sign-up for the Donaghey Fitness Center.
  • ID cards will be issued and orientation of the Donaghey Fitness Center will be done at the Health Fair.
  • More details will be posted when they are shared, LOOK FOR UPDATES!
Another benefit for living in one of the best neighborhoods and areas of the city, Broadmoor and the University District!!!

What is the “Research Park” you may be hearing about?

In recent news, the potential benefit of a research park to our neighborhood has been criticized. What is it, and how will it be good for Broadmoor? Here are some answers.

As you may be aware, volunteers from Broadmoor, other neighborhoods in the University of Arkansas at Little Rock (UALR) area, and interested citizens of Little Rock, have worked for the past decade on strategic plans to enhance the quality of life around the UALR campus. This has been done through the University District Partnership.

One of the highlights of the plan is the construction of a research park to bring high-technology activity and jobs to the area. Here is how a 2007 report describes one potential site for the project:

14 University Research and Office Park
Figure 4-5 depicts the future redevelopment of the Broadmoor Shopping Center as a University Research and Office Park. Ideally located directly across University Avenue from UALR science buildings, including the new Computer Information Sciences (CIS) facility, this is considered an ideal location for technology firms, research, and related office space. Depicted in the diagram in Fig. 4-5 are two, three-story office structures totaling approximately 200,000 square feet, along with a 5 level 900 space parking structure. To expand and improve the efficiency of this development site the Lakeshore Drive connection to University Avenue should be closed and diverted to W. 32nd Street, allowing a consolidation with the triangular property at the northwest corner of the W. 32nd Street / University Avenue intersection. 

Bringing high-technology activity and jobs to the University District is a priority for our efforts.

The Arkansas General Assembly passed a law allowing for the creation of an entity to handle financing, construction, and operation of a research park. This legislation was a result of hard work of University District effort participants.

Since 2007, other potential sites for the park have been explored, so it probably will not be placed at the site outlined in that year’s strategic planning documents. The plan now is to place the park more central to the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences, UALR, and other institutions in and near the University District. However, the park would remain within the District’s boundaries and would greatly benefit our efforts to improve the area.

Other University District efforts take the park into account. Based on the revolutionary Harlem Children’s Zone, the University District has also initiated the Promise Neighborhood Program. The research park fits into this effort to encourage children and parents in the District to succeed in their educational efforts. See page 5 of this document on the Promise Neighborhood for information on how the research park will benefit Broadmoor and the surrounding University District.

When thinking about the potential to finance a Research Park in the University District, please consider the history and purpose of the park and the benefits to you as a resident of the District when you hear the arguments of those who are always against change and who are no-shows in the quiet, day-to-day volunteer work that leads to positive activity in our city.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Monthly Neighborhood Association Meeting this Thursday

The Broadmoor Board meets on Thursday, August 4 at 7:00pm in the clubhouse at 19 1/2 Belmont.

All are welcome to attend.