Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Little Rock Voters Approve Sales Tax

Little Rock City Tax Increase Approved

The city-wide special election to increase our sales tax by 1 cent passed:   5/8 of the 1-cent sales tax will go towards city operations and  3/8 of the 1-cent sales tax will go to capital projects.  The new sales tax will begin to be collected in 3 months. 

With the increased funding for the city's operation, city officials promise to add more policemen, firemen and code officers.  Many public works projects were promised to help restore/repair the city's infrastructure, streets, potholes, parks, drainage and more.  The Mayor, City Director and the City Manager all promised to have meetings by Wards to prioritize the projects in each Ward.

The Capital Projects planned include a high-tech research park in the 12th Street corridor and/or University District south of I-630, expansion of the River Port industrial park, and establishment of an economic development fund to attract new business to our city.

What does this mean for the Broadmoor Neighborhood?

The Broadmoor Property Owner’s Association needs to make our needs and wishes known clearly to our city government. The BPOA needs to have a large number of members at every city meeting that relates to spending these new tax dollars.  Your neighborhood should have representation on the board that makes decisions for the high-tech research park, since it will be in our neighborhood or adjoining it.

What can you do?   

Look around your area of the neighborhood and make notes of what is needed.  Email  the items that you know need to be corrected to,, and

Post these same things to your Facebook page and all your social media connections. This way we have a complete list of items for which to hold the city accountable.  Call the Mayor, City Board of Directors and City Manager at 371-4510 and tell them what is needed to improve our area.

Every member needs to email the Mayor (, City Board of Directors ( and City Manager ( and tell them that our neighborhood needs to have a representative on the high-tech research park governing body.  Don't accept that the appointments have already been done, ask why we were not included.  Call the Mayor, City Board of Directors and City Manager (371-4510) and demand that we have a voice in the high-tech research park.

Attend YOUR neighborhood association's meetings, go to City meetings, send those emails, make that phone call!  Together we can raise our voices and take charge of our area of the city and insure that we benefit from the funds raised by the increased sales tax!

Friday, September 2, 2011

PRE-REGISTRATION is now open for the Fall Wellness Fair Sept. 15, 16 & 17

PRE-REGISTRATION is now open for the Fall Wellness Fair Sept. 15, 16 & 17.

To receive your FREE 1 Year UALR Gym Membership you MUST:

PRE-REGISTER and ATTEND the Fall Wellness Fair held on Sept. 15, 16 & 17.

To PRE-REGISTER, contact Janea Synder:

Call - 501-952-2311