Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Securing your home during the holidays

What do thieves look for when they gaze at your vehicle or home? In most instances they are looking for an opportunity to commit a theft or other crime. During the year-end holidays, people are often busy, excited and sometimes a little bit careless. This Holiday season, and in the new-year the Little Rock Police Department is encouraging the Citizenry to eliminate opportunity for crime, be aware of your surroundings and Secure to be Sure.

  • Shop before dark if possible. Possibly coordinate shopping trips with a friend.
  • Avoid carrying large amounts of cash. Pay for purchases with a check, credit card, or debit card when possible.
  • Teach children to go to a store clerk or security guard and ask for help if you become separated. They should never go into a parking lot alone.
  • Be extra careful with purses and wallets. Carry a purse under your arm. Keep a wallet in an inside jacket pocket, not a back trouser pocket.
  • Never leave any contents or valuables in plain sight. Remove cell phones, iPod, audio systems,
  • computers, packages, change in ashtray, sport equipment, cameras, purses, etc.
  • Lock items in the trunk before you park or take them with you. And if you can't replace an item, don't leave it anywhere in your vehicle.
  • Park in open, well-lighted, and populated areas near your destination. Avoid parking near trucks vans, dumpsters, and other objects that obstruct visibility and provide hiding places.
  • Avoid parking near strangers loitering or sitting in vehicles.
  • Turn off your engine, roll up all windows, lock all doors, and take your keys with you even if you are making a quick stop at a store or gas station, or even in your driveway. Close all windows and lock the trunk and hood.
  • Don't leave your vehicle in an unattended public lot for an extended period time.

  • Survey the exterior of your home and eliminate their hiding places. Thieves love nooks and crannies where they can hide. Keep your shrubs and bushes trimmed in places where they may cover a window or door.
  • You shouldn't see what you are watching on television from the street.  Close all blinds and curtains when not at home.
  • Never leave your Christmas gifts out in plain sight. If they are under the Christmas tree, place the tree in a location where the gifts cannot be seen from outside the home.
  • Replace standard screws in the strike plate on your doors with 3 inch screws.
  • Do not use your full name on your mailbox, in the telephone directory, or on your answering
  • machine.
  • Know which of your neighbors you can trust and depend upon in an emergency.
  • Do not advertise purchases-break down the boxes of big ticket items.
  • Always remember fire safety if you are using a real tree.
  • Check who is at the door before opening it, and do not open the door to an unexpected visitor.
  • Have lights at all entrances
  • Solicitor must have a permit and be able to show it or, just tell them NO!! No thank you!!

Dwight Davis
Public Affairs Coordinator
Neighborhood Watch Program Coordinator
Crime Prevention Specialist
Little Rock Police Department
700 W. Markham Street
Little Rock, Ark 72201
(501) 918-5358

Monday, November 25, 2013

University District Garden Group Update

The next meeting is Monday, December 2, at 6:30 PM at the University District Building.

Yahoo group for UD Gardens: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/UDGardens


Email: UDGardens@yahoogroups.com


Minutes from First Meeting of the UD Gardens Group - November 4

Donna Quimby, Chair of the UALR Health Sciences Human Fitness and Sports Management Department, convened the meeting to gauge interest in forming a University District Garden Association. The Growing Healthy Communities project, which has provided 87 raised bed gardens to University District residents, including in its project description an objective of organizing a garden association. This meeting was to determine interest and to chart a course for organizing the garden association if enough residents wanted to pursue the objective. Donna invited all of the recipients of the raised bed gardens. 



The University District residents who attended expressed an interested launching a UD Garden Association. The specific vision, mission and scope will be determined at future meetings when more prospective members can attend. The group discussed several ideas for the garden association: communication about plants, planting, pests, etc.; cooperative plant sales; bulk buying of plants; including flowers as well as produce; hosting speakers to present on current garden topics; continuing the practice of awarding UD residents raised bed gardens each year and raising funds to finance the activity; cooperative purchase of gardening tools; approaching the Oak Forest Community  Garden as a partner and member; maybe also including related gardening activities such as raising chickens and honey bees.


Next Steps

1. The next meeting was set for Monday, December 2 at 6:30 at the University District Building. 

2. The six University District residents in attendance agreed to function as a start up steering committee.

3. Karen Walls agreed to take the list of raised bed gardens and add them to a Yahoo Group that she set up last year for communication between gardeners

4. Joe Busby agreed to draft bylaws and provide them to Karen for mail out to the group.

5. Donna Quimby agreed to work with the group until she retires in June, and perhaps beyond, as long as UD residents assumed leadership roles.

6. Beth Phelps agreed to meet with the group upon request and to continue to provide information and technical assistance about gardening.

7. The group could continue to meet at the University District Building.