Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Clubhouse Liaison

If you want to rent the clubhouse for an event, please contact:

Stephanie Myers
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Friday, January 24, 2014

Northwest Patrol Division Quarterly Meeting Report

From the St. Charles Community Association

Report on Quarterly LRPD meeting, NW Division on Thursday 01-23-14:

We had a good turnout, always good to see so many people being active and proactive in helping keep our town as crime free as we can manage, with the resources we are given.  Capt. Ty Tyrrell gave us updates on personnel, equipment, and shift improvements.  We will have about 12 new officers (to train with experienced officers) in our division from the new class of graduates.  Officers are also allowed to sign up for a 10 hour day, which will result in getting more officers available at peak times, instead of having everyone change shifts at the same time.   We will also change over to the new radio system in early February.  There are currently 68 “beat” cops for our area (#71).

There are about a dozen visible surveillance cameras that give the LRPD access to video in real time.  They are placed in various areas around town, and can be moved at any time, to respond to a more high-crime area.  Apartment complexes are sometimes one of the more dangerous places.  You have people who cycle in and out constantly, and you don’t really know who your neighbor is.  Their parking lots are also easy pickings for car thieves.  Where else can you find a lot of neat cars with neat stuff in them (and some of them are UNLOCKED?)  For the nth time, please lock your cars and don’t leave anything in them you wouldn’t want to lose.

The way Little Rock reports crimes, our petty thefts are different from grand larcenies.  If you see a generalized report in the media that Little Rock is lagging behind other cities, you have to take into account which statistics they are using.  Mention was made of clerks who take your credit card and never ask you for your ID.  Crooks know where this happens (everywhere), and are fairly confident that they can take your stolen card and immediately use it.  There was also mention made of the recent burglary (in St. Charles) where they were able to arrest the perpetrator, impound the vehicle, and return the stolen electronics to the rightful owner.  This was possible because the person had downloaded the free tracking software available.  This is an excellent way to keep a hold of your own stuff.

In general, the crime stats were fairly constant.  Business robberies were steady, individual robberies were about the same (tending toward theft of cellphones), business burglaries were up slightly (uptick at the holidays, as usual), residential burglaries were down slightly, auto B&E’s are up more in the NW Division than others, auto thefts are slightly down, and copper/metal thefts are still happening, but have moved from residential areas to more commercial.

Please call 911 to report a crime in progress, or anything that might be a crime in progress, or any suspicious activities that just don’t look right to you.  The calls are prioritized by the 911 call center.  They would rather you call in something that turns out to be nothing, than hesitate and lose the suspect for whom they have been searching for months.

Please call Officer Michelle Hill at 918-3502 or email her at  She will come out to your home and give you ideas about how to make your home less vulnerable to crime.  (You don’t have to be home for her to do this.)  She will call or email you the results.  Better her to tell you where you need improvement, than be the victim of a crime because you did nothing. Have good locks on all your doors and windows (and use them)!

St. Charles Community Association.