Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Fwd: update from Lt. Scott Timmons

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Date: Wed, Oct 22, 2014 at 8:17 PM
Subject: update from Lt. Scott Timmons

This from Lt. Timmons:

We have been seeing an increase in thieves using a particular tactic to break into homes. They walk up and knock on the door, if you answer they ask about yard work or ask to talk to someone you don't know. When you answer the door, they leave quickly and go to another house a block or two away to try again.

               If you don't answer the door, they go into the back yard, knock again, and if no answer, they kick in the door. Once in, they may open your garage to pull their vehicle inside or just carry everything to their car (usually a borrowed or stolen car, often taken during a previous burglary.)

               If someone knocks on your door, please try to look out and see the vehicle they are driving. It's up to you whether you answer the door; however, if you don't answer and they go to the backyard, CALL 911 IMMEDIATELY and stay on the phone with the 911 call-taker! People with legitimate business do not wander off into strangers' backyards. If it's a meter reader, he won't knock and he should be carrying a clipboard or more often, a digital meter reader machine.

               We have recently arrested an entire crew of young men who were using this technique and recovered several stolen vehicles from them. The stolen gray 2014 Dodge Charger they were using was traded for drugs and we haven't yet found it. Please don't leave your keys in the car (even a spare set).

               One vehicle that we are interested in finding is a white, 2001 Ford Expedition, bearing Ark License 277-TZD. We believe this vehicle is being driven by James Foley who is well known to us. He uses the same tactics as described above, sometimes accompanied by his girlfriend. If you see this vehicle, please call the police and report it as suspicious.

One last thing, we've learned that many of our young thieves are selling their stolen electronics on the street to passers-by. So, if you pull onto a parking lot and see someone selling TV's or X-boxes, or other electronics from their car, please write down the license number and car description and call 911, or call or email me. Don't confront them, just let us know so we can start some follow-up. Being our eyes and ears out there is extremely helpful.
Be on the lookout for a white 2000s GMC Yukon extended model (looks like a Suburban) lurking in your neighborhood. On Monday there was one parked outside a house on Amherst for at least an hour occupied by two people just watching the world go by. The homeowner called the cops and watched the officer come and go. This same person (while running at 6:15) saw a vehicle of the same description on Apache Road in Briarwood near Sun Valley stopped in front of a house, shining a flashlight into the flower beds of a house. When this person passed in front of the headlights a few yards ahead, the car started moving and sped off after the stop sign. The police were notified.  It was the same body style and had rear privacy glass but no tinted windows in the front, just like the car that had been seen on Monday.

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