Thursday, January 21, 2010

The Early Days of Broadmoor

Installment 1
History compiled by Lanita Reynolds with the help of Bernie Allen, Berneice Howard, Glenn Ledbetter, Jack Marshall, Ford Patterson, Jack Perciful, Cheryl Davis South, Ann Wilson, and Ann Easterly.

The Fausetts

In 1953, Raymond Rebsamen sold a large tract of land west of Hays Street (now University Avenue) that consisted of a lake, lots of trees, and a hunting lodge to Mr. and Mrs. Elbert Fausett of Fausett Realty for the development of a new subdivision, which would be known as Broadmoor. At that time, Hays Street was a two-lane gravel road, and this area was considered to be "way out in the country". The property was not in the city limits of Little Rock, as Hays Street was the city's western boundary. Ten acres were set aside for the lake, and ten acres for the park.

Aerial photo during Broadmoor's construction
Construction of the first houses began in late 1953 on Lakeshore Drive. The Broadmoor houses featured a tile ridge roll on the roof, hardwood floors, ceramic tile countertops, ceramic tile baths, and Arkla Servel air conditioning. In fact, Broadmoor was the first subdivision in the nation which had houses that offered air conditioning. (Editor's note: Broadmoor was the first fully air conditioned development in the United States.) A large redwood cooling tower could be found the back yards. A new home ranged in price from $11,500 to $21,625, with 18 different floor plans available.

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